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Hi all, I have been searching around about Graphene on the site but dont seem anything recent i think (apologies if i am not looking at the right place!). I know about graphene high level from the science world, where it is highly researched in physics, but those around think is going to be key […]

Travis, the material of the future–graphene–and additive construction–3D printing (or layering)–are here today; yet, so far the only company I can which seems to be working with graphene is Sigma-Aldrich (SIAL). I’ve looked at several graphene related sites, mostly academic/research related, but can’t find out how this/these developments being capitalized, nor how a little fella […]

This small firm (no longer listed) had lots of potential in the graphene area, so I bought some shares. Later a BDC using apparently legal machinations, had it absorbed into another company and the outside stockholders were forced (no choice) to sell their stock for a very little appreciation. If this is legal, why would […]

Every year, as Thanksgiving comes around, the President calls up a turkey to the Rose Garden to be ceremonially pardoned … and your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe calls up a turkey of a stock pick from the annals of the teaserdom to be ceremonially pilloried, as a reminder to all of us about just what stinkers […]

“This Makes Everything Obsolete “50,000x thinner than a human hair… “230x more powerful than silicon… “200x stronger than steel… “New ‘miracle material’ promises breakthroughs in everything from batteries and medical science… to oil exploration and defense systems… “Here’s your chance to be first in line for 300% gains. That’s how the ad from Nick Hodge […]

Friday File articles, like “Idea of the Month” writeups, are generally password-protected for our paying members — this commentary was made available to all readers on October 7, 2011 but the content not been edited or revised since the original publication date. The author continues to not have any personal interest in the stocks mentioned […]


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