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“On October 1st, This Weird Rooftop Pod Will Deliver the Death Blow to ‘The Big 3’ Cable Companies… With One Clean Shot” That’s the opener of the latest ad for Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential, which is selling subscriptions with the promise that you can get rich and shut down America’s most hated companies at […]


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    I so appreciate the legwork that you put into the stories behind these overblown ads. I'm getting pretty sick of all th...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    No, OneWeb had a deal to be bought by Intelsat in 2017 but it didn't go through. OneWeb is still private, with backing ...

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    It was bought by intelsat...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    That's a term popularized by Ray Blanco's ad copywriters -- some satellite stocks have done incredibly this year, mostly...

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