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Today I’ve got a new service to look at — it’s from Keith Schaefer, whose Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin we’ve covered a few times over the past decade or so… but this time he’s getting away from energy stocks with a service he calls Investing Whisperer (currently $999/yr for “charter members”). He has also […]

Small-cap stock picking service from Keith Schaefer in 2019 — he has run an energy focused newsletter for a decade or so (Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin), but this one is an “all sector” product. Aims to recommend 6-12 stocks a year, often really tiny companies, with a portfolio of 5-15 stocks at any one […]


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    Has anyone had legit success with the lightning trade report?...

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    I might invest the Catalyst 27-29 pennies I have in my pocket in this and maybe even all the Catalyst 27-29 I keep in a ...

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    Haven't written about Lichtenfeld's tease, but someone sent it to me today and it's clearly Ligand being touted as this ...

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    Just reviewed Mark Lichtenfeid's latest video touting a Bio-Tech royalty company. I don't want to spend $1,500.00 to le...

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