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I’ve gotten quite a few questions recently about “income” and “buy stocks cheap” letters that are clearly veiled hints about put option selling… so I thought I’d take a look at one of them. The ad in question today is from Karim Rahemtulla, who calls himself “The Frugal Millionaire” in this spiel and has been […]

Options trading service from Karim Rahemtulla, recommends “collect income now and buy stocks at a discount” trades that are based on selling put options. Rahemtulla previously recommended options trades at times for Xcelerated Profits Report and has helmed several other newsletters in the past for the Oxford Club and other Agora affiliates.

Karim Rahemtulla is pitching a newsletter called The Resource Millionaire — I haven’t heard of this one, but it looks like it probably is just their replacement for the Oil & Energy Confidential service that he launched last year and that has disappeared from their website. So perhaps that one didn’t catch on, despite Rahemtulla’s […]

Appears to have replaced Rahemtulla’s Oil & Energy Confidential, which disappeared inside a year and had a similar focus (though ads said it also used options trading to juice returns). This new energy-focused newsletter from Karim Rahemtulla focuses on “insider” knowledge resource industries and particularly on their ability to recommend stocks about to release good […]

One of the fun things about serving as your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe is that boredom is never a challenge — each morning I get up and check the email box, and there’s invariably some bit of balderdash in there just waiting for a look-see. And today? No different, as you’ve no doubt surmised. Today […]

I’m sure a number of you have seen the email ad for Karim Rahemtulla’s Strategic Income newsletter … here’s what he promises in exchange for your subscription fee of $1,250: “‘Gibraltar Strategy’ Cranks Out 10-Times More Cash From Stocks Than Dividends” Sounds good, no? It gets better! “On October 16, a handful of income-seekers had […]

Well, this is something that doesn’t happen every day: we’ve got a repeat customer for one of the stocks we teased out in the past. This is a new teaser from Karim Rahemtulla for the Xcelerated Profits newsletter, but it happens to be for a stock that was previously recommended, in a poorly timed pre-earnings […]


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    Post did not include my Title: "New Karim Rahemtulla producr". Now with Oxford Club. Thanks, Martin (Irregular Member)...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    FYI, Karim Rahemtulla of Wall Street Daily is out with a ...

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    Thanks for saving me. I was about to plunk down $400 but decided to check StockGumshoe first. In return, I'd like to re...

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    Regarding options trading and various options strategies, there is Karim Rahemtulla. He's the options editor for Invest...

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    Steve MacDonald is a very funny Oxford talk-show man. He did a gig in Ottawa together with Karim Rahemtulla, his straigh...

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    Several years ago Karim Rahemtulla and his Agora cronies held a seminar--the video of which I have--about selling covere...

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    I believe Karim Rahemtulla has 3 investment letters based on options ect have any of you tried his services and if so h...

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