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Pretty much everyone who’s trying to build a large-scale newsletter issues proclamations like “stock of the year” and “stock of the decade,” since such claims get attention… after all, attention is the currency of the online marketer. So we’ll take this with a wee grain of salt, but here’s the beginning of Andy Snyder’s latest […]

Here’s how the teaser ad from Eric Dickson for his Breakaway Stocks newsletter starts: “Warning: The Internet Is Shutting Down! Microsoft And Amazon Are Turning To This Company To Survive… Giving You The Chance To Grab 3,210% Before The Web Comes To A Grinding Halt! “This is not a joke. The internet is coming dangerously […]


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    Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you Travis for the investigation work and Stock Gun Shoe. I’m new at trading started i...

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    Hi Travis, a very interesting article FSLY was overpriced when I discovered it and bought LLNW. My exposure is 6.4% an...

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    Here is another guile-less question for you Travis: are these newsletter writers and analysts in America required to dis...

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    2020-06-26 LLNW Disanto Michael Chief Admin., Legal Officer S - SALE +OE Price $7.34 Qty 189.551 Value -$1,390,855 20...

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    Just saw this MF article released today. Talks about LLNW and 2 other stocks.

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    Hi Travis; minor typo in the write-up 'but AKAM, LLNW, FSLY and CDN would make up most of the list for the “pure pla...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    These folks sometimes keep the same ad running for years, I wrote about what looks like an identical ad about a year and...

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