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BLOZF CANNABIX TECHNOLOGIES INC COM Speaking of good ideas. When the Marijuana sector began to gain traction Cannabix Technologies came up with a Breathalyzer for THC. Genius!!! of course, there will be demand for this and every police car in American will need to have one. It has been a long bumpy ride and of […]

September, 1928 — Alexander Fleming Invented The World’s First Antibiotic, Saving Over 200 Million Lives. This Is Bigger. ”The Molecule Of The Century” It Makes Medical Marijuana Up To 80x More Powerful It Could Cure Arthritis, Heart Disease And 1 In Every 2 Cancers Now The Company Behind It Could Make You 116x Wealthier Wealth […]

This teaser pitch has been around for a few weeks, but I haven’t gotten around to covering it until now… call it marijuana fatigue, just plain laziness, or a surfeit of other hypetastic pitches, but it just didn’t rise to the top. Questions have rolled in from readers pretty consistently, though, so I’m finally digging […]

This one’s not exactly a tightly-controlled secret (though the ad makes it sound like one), but we’ll put the Thinkolator on the case anyway… we’ve gotten lots of questions about the latest marijuana pitch from Jimmy Mengel, who is advertising subscriptions to his Marijuana Manifesto service ($1,999/year) — seems that plenty of people want to […]


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    He's been talking this one up since last Spring, when it first started trading -- we covered it originally here, I like ...

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