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Several readers have been asking recently about the “Power Portfolio 2021” pitch from Investorplace (previously known as Power Portfolio 2020), so I thought I’d dig into that for today’s edutainment episode. The service is a two-pundit “upsell” product, currently being sold at $2,499/yr (no refunds) and boasting regular picks that combine the “top down” trend […]

The latest Investorplace pitch for Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities ($99/yr) promises that we can cash in by “joining the Foldable Phone revolution”… and that sounds both fun and lucrative, so let’s check out the ad and see if the Thinkolator can ID his investment ID for you. The dream of a flexible phone screen has […]

I recently added a new cryptocurrency recommendation to my model portfolio. This cryptocurrency has soared an amazing 809% over the past 12 months. This nearly tenfold gain is incredible on its own, but it’s even more impressive when you consider it includes the recent coronavirus market “dip.” I’ve been telling readers to get in on […]

Every year we call out a “turkey” stock teaser around Thanksgiving time and poke a bit of fun at some terrible investment ideas… … so it seems only fair to highlight a few winners as well, and this week, when we’re otherwise closed for the holiday, seems a good time to spread some cheer and […]

What have we learned about teaser ads over the past decade or so? A lot, I hope, but two lessons stand out: First, dates in teaser ads are often made up and don’t really represent meaningful “catalyst” events, they’re just a way to make you feel rushed and get you to pull out your credit […]

Matt McCall is touting a tiny company that has created a miracle battery that is safe, inexpensive, more powerful, charges super fast, can charge millions of times without degrading, etc. What’s the symbol?

Here’s a bit from the email that Matt McCall sent out introducing his lastest teaser ad: “When it comes down to it, there are really just three ways to get truly rich in the stock market. You can put thousands into the market every year, hold for decades, and retire with a fortune. You can […]

Matt McCall’s entry level newsletter Investment Opportunities (currently $49/year) is being advertised with a promised “free” special report about the three stocks you need to own before more states legalize sports betting… perhaps as soon as September 6. What’s so special about September 6? That’s just a guess that more attention will come to this […]

As a reformed academic, I have it hard-wired in my brain that work should cease for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day — Stock Gumshoe will be running on autopilot starting this afternoon, and we’re not likely to have much in the way of new articles posted until next year (unless you want […]

FUTR Stands for “Flying Under The Radar” — Matt McCall says he uses screening to identify fundamentally attractive stocks, and technical analysis to find stocks ready to “break out” with a specific catalyst for growth. Two issues a month, two stock recommendations in each issue.


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
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    My experience with Ray Blanco is that many if not most of his Marijuana recommendations come weeks to months AFTER the ...

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    Just ran across Jeff Siegel selling his sell legal drugs ad for $49. Has anyone tried this? Is this a scam?...

  • SoGiAm

    A tease for the Thin-o-lator and the super sleuthing Gummunity members: Forget Tesla, THIS is the Ultimate Electric C...

  • SoGiAm

    THIS is My Favorite Legal Marijuana Stock By Jeff Siegel | Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Her name is Jane Philpott... http://...

  • SoGiAm

    My #1 Stock Pick for This Week Is... By Jeff Siegel | Tuesday, March 8, 2016 It all went down last Friday … USDA Sec...

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    Hi Travis. Have you heard of Jeff Siegel & his $1999 report on how to tap into legal drug trading, based in Canada? ...

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    I confirm the OEGY comment. I bought on the strength of a very similar write-up from Jeff Siegel – and lost my mo...

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    today from wealth daily by jeff siegel he is pushing a co. producing what he calls a " negawatt box" as a fifth fule wh...

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    I subscribed at least 3 years ago because I was interested in the whole concept of Green Energy and made money on severa...

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    Any one tried Alternative Energy Speculator put out by Jeff Siegel who seems to have a very good track record comments p...

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    Kudos to Jeff Siegel. Like you say GS, hard to resist real money. See WPT.TO for very interesting current news and de...

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