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Yesterday I started looking into the latest James Rickards ad, a gold-related spiel for his Strategic Investment newsletter, and today we’re going to close the loop on that and get a couple more names for you. The full article from yesterday is here, if you’re curious about this whole notion of “Reagan Gold” and the […]

We write about Chuck de Castro teasers every now and again, and this one caught the eye of quite a few Gumshoe readers — as you can guess from the headline, it’s about a junior mining stock, not exactly the headline favorite for today’s markets… though you never know when the “currency wars” might help […]


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    AEO is up over 60% since we bought it less than a year ago...

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    This guy is ridiculous - he says the market is wrong and only he knows what's right. His losses are large on some positi...

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    Spetrino knows nothing about stocks. He just said "buy AEO because it has no debt". Of course he ignores the operating l...

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    #Premarket Top % Gainers: $ETRM 32%, $SCYX 25%, $URBN 12%, $AUPH 12%, $CRK 11%, $VRX 9%, $CGIX 9%, $CYCC, $MEET, $AMRS $...

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