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This week the teaser ad that readers are asking about is another battery-related story — it’s an ad for Microcap Insider ($1,999/yr, 90-day refund period), and Alex Koyfman lays it on pretty thick on the order form: “These revolutionary batteries charge 70x faster, last 3x longer than any lithium battery… “And most importantly… they’ll end […]

I’ve gotten a bunch of reader questions over the last week or so about Alex Koyfman’s latest teaser pitch for a “Plastic Killer” out of Canada, so that’s where the Thinkolator is pointed today. The ad is for Angel Publishing’s Microcap Insider (currently being sold for $1,999, 90-day refund period), and this is the latest […]

I’ve gotten a ton of questions about Alex Koyfman’s “AirTesla” pitch over the past week, so we’ll spend a moment on that today. This all ends up being a “next Tesla” pitch to a large degree — essentially, saying that if Tesla can create this trillion-dollar company to lead the electric vehicle revolution, and grow […]

We got lots of questions over the weekend about the latest Microcap Insider teaser pitch, so that’s how your friendly neighborhood Gumshie is starting his week… Alex Koyfman’s ad about the “oil killer” starts out like so… “A Little-Known Fuel Is Set to Revolutionize the Energy Sector in the Coming Years — This has NOTHING […]

This article was originally published on August 18, 2020, but we’re getting a lot of questions this week as Koyfman pushes the story heavily again, with a renewed focus on the FCC December auction as a profit driver. What follows has not been updated in any meaningful way, and the ad appears unchanged from August, […]


  • Never mind....I found the Sept. 18 article. You are a wonderful resource, Travis....

  • I'm interested in Koyfman's microcap bioplastics spiel. Does anyone know what company he is touting?...

  • It should be noted that ammonia (as NH3) can be irritating to the eyes. It forms a nasty cloud in the atmosphere and ...

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