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Jeff Brown is pitching something he calls a “global token exchange” recently, abbreviating it “G.T.E.”, and reader questions are piling up on the doormat here at Gumshoe Manor, so it’s time to take a look… The basic spiel, which takes the form of a long presentation/interview between Jeff Brown and a hired talking head that […]

Perhaps the most glaring reminder of the current investor mindset is that the new exchange approved by the SEC a couple years ago, the Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), designed to help build long-term relationships between companies and their investors, has just now formally gone live with its first two listed companies at launch, Twilio […]

None of us who speculate or invest in individual stocks in a volatile market are really managing money with the dispassionate application of numbers and analysis, a computer could do most of that better than humans can… no, what we’re mostly managing is our emotions. It’s been a wild week, and it’s often hard to […]


  • Interesting... these days it's Porter who has receded to the shadows to some degree, after the publishing business that ...

  • I bought some MKTW last week and just got around to checking my share lending report. The short interest rate is current...

  • As MarketWise (MKTW) was coming out, there were a number of promotions for lifetime 'partnerships' within companies like...

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