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Friday File: Sales for Profit and Loss, plus a couple add-on buys post-earnings

Happy Friday! I’ve got another reading assignment for you today… the researcher behind the Dunning-Kruger effect posted an interesting article called “We Are All Confident Idiots” a couple years ago that just came to my attention (I think someone posted it on Twitter, but forgot to jot down the original source). Here’s a little excerpt, […]

“Image Mapping Rollout” to cure “3rd Leading Cause of Death?”

Over the weekend I got a lot of questions about John Engel’s “Image Mapping” pitch for his Stansberry Innovations Report newsletter ($49, renews at $199), so that’s what we’re tasking the Thinkolator with today… what is this “Image Mapping” technology that he says will make us 5X our money? Stansberry Innovations Report is quite new, […]

Tom Dyson’s “Bit Shares” that turned every $100 into $1,400

The first version of this story was published on July 28, 2016 under the headline Palm Beach: “Issuing a strong ‘buy’ recommendation for ‘the next Bitcoin.’” Tom Dyson, Teeka Tiwari’s publisher at Palm Beach, has a new pitch out for these cryptocurrencies, which he calls “Bit Shares,” again touting Ethereum and Bitcoin but also adding […]

VentureCap Strategist’s “Safest and Smartest Way” to play the Virtual Reality Revolution

We’ve certainly seen our share of “next breakthrough” promises from Louis Basenese — he has worked for a variety of publishers (mostly under the Agora umbrella, I think) and is now promoting a service that he calls VentureCap Strategist, published by Wall Street Daily, and now he’s dangling his take on virtual reality in front […]


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    Fwiw, mktx, goog, msft, adbe, pypl, visa, amzn, nflx, pro, ttd, avb, tmo, I’d throw unh on there but think you...

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    Fortnite is made by Epic Games and while you can't invest in them directly there might be other options like Tencent (wh...

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    I think it might be Accenture plc (ACN) working with Microsoft (MSFT)

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Nokia sold its mobile handset business to Microsoft about five years ago for $7 billion, and Microsoft two years ago tur...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Depends on the newsletter -- as with other publishers, the different Stansberry writers don't coordinate with each other...

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    Be careful with Stansberry. I'm done with those fools. They recommended getting the hell out of MSFT when it was trading...

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    HIS TOP 5 RECO'S Aflac (AFL) Automatic Data Processing Inc(ADP) Union Pacific (UNP) Cincinnati Financial (CINF) ...

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    I apologize for the disorderliness of my recent post. I meant to first convey my NXP Semiconductor- (NXPI) is poised fo...

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