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Today’s teaser ad that we’ll be feeding to the Thinkolator is for Bill Poulos’ Premium Income Alert ($1,997/year) from Profits Run, and it’s a doozy, funneling two hype-filled trends into one stock idea. Premium Income Alert is not a service we’ve looked at before, but it’s billed as a “weekly trading service” (the “upgrade” option […]

I’m considering taking a position on Nokia in wake of the big dip. I’m a patient investor and don’t mind waiting for it to recover. Obviously they are going to need sacrifice margin moving forward to compete better against Erickson. I see there problems more as a management problem than product portfolio problem though. Curious […]

We so often see ads about how we’re on the verge of the “greatest technological disruption of all time,” with fortunes to be made that recall the gilded-age empires of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, and that’s probably my favorite kind of financial pornography:  Daydreaming about the charitable foundations we’ll found, and the universities […]

A pretty quiet week as I try not to overreact to market gyrations, so we’ll be briefer than usual this Friday… but there are a few interesting things to talk about…. Crown Castle (CCI) reported a “beat and raise” quarter this week, if just barely. They raised their dividend roughly as expected this week, bumping […]

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) hit a stop loss yesterday thanks to a sector-wide collapse of marijuana stocks. The big news that hits IIPR directly this week was that MedMen dropped its plan to buy PharmaCann, which is IIPR’s biggest tenant, so I did take the somewhat cautious step of buying a few protective puts just […]

Things began slowly this week after a weekend of decadence in Las Vegas… what impressions did I have of Sin City? People aren’t gambling as much as the last time I was here a few years ago, the tables and slot machines were not so crowded, but there were still some big crowds of people […]

There’s no more cyclical stock than a semiconductor stock, and we’re seeing the whipsaw slash through that market now as trade sentiment weakens and pundits begin to see some weakness in the economy, particularly in the employment numbers, and the Federal Reserve fuels that uncertainty by essentially promising a rate cut in their attempt to […]

The ad we’re looking at today starts out with all sorts of braggadocio about how Jeff Brown at Bonner & Partners is “arrogant” or “pompous” and “egocentric” and “in your face,” and in general just not a very nice guy… the headline is “America’s Most Arrogant Investor.” That’s all malarkey — I don’t care whether […]

I haven’t written about this particular ad, but I have seen it circulating over the past couple months… and the questions keep rolling in, so I guess the ad’s still in pretty heavy rotation and it’s time to get some answers for you. The pitch is for Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report ($99/yr “on […]

The next wireless standard to be adopted by telecom service providers might be the biggest one since 3G enabled the first real “high speed” data and reasonably useful internet access by smart phones. And new wireless standards are always of interest to investors, not least because the growth of smartphones has tracked the improving networks […]

I’ve been mostly sitting on the sidelines during the “Crypto Mania” this year, because, well, anything “manic” makes me nervous and I still haven’t been able to come up with a rational price argument for any cryptocurrency…. … so I haven’t recently dug into all of the recent “Amazon is going to choose a cryptocurrency […]

George Leong edits the Pennies to Millions newsletter for Lombardi, and he’s got an ad out now touting three different “penny stocks” that could make you buckets of cash … … the basic pitch is for “unknown” or “hidden” stocks with “home run” potential, and generally at fairly low prices (using “penny stocks” in the […]


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    Thank you for clarifying where that 'pie in the sky' Rebate check comes from. Yes I have some dividend stocks, but I kno...

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    Why can't they put a stop to this b******* and Mike burnick and these Trump checks...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Haven't seen an "X Shares" pitch from him recently, but Burnick's pitches in the past have mostly been about options -- ...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    From his marketing materials, it sounds like he's recommending equity positions but then "amplifying" them by also buyin...

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    Thank you for this information. I thought it was too good to be true. I feel sad for those who invested. How come peo...

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    Thanks for doing your homework, especially on this current Mike Burnick Editor, Infinite Income hype. Keep vigilant. ...

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    i am 76 yrs old living off soc security i ca n not make it any more i did not known i had to invest money in trump bonu...

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    Y'know, hucksters like Mike Burnick give the investment industry a (deservedly?) bad name. Even though I get tons of tea...

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    MARTIN WEISS, I've subscribed to you in one way or the other over 20 yrs, BUT YOU HAVE SURE LET US DOWN NOW. YOU SHOU...

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    Big surprise for Real Wealth and Safe Money subscribers: It appears that Martin has offloaded both to Banyan Hill. N...

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    Since April 2017, when Marckyle posted this, OBMP has gone from $0.25 to $0.08. He claims (in a post below) not to be a...

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