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Examining McCall’s “The First Trillion Dollar Patent Will Release the Largest Royalty Payments Ever Known to Mankind” pitch

Here’s a bit from the email that Matt McCall sent out introducing his lastest teaser ad: “When it comes down to it, there are really just three ways to get truly rich in the stock market. You can put thousands into the market every year, hold for decades, and retire with a fortune. You can […]

Looking into Jeff Brown’s “The ‘God Key’: The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics…”

The article below was originally published on November 27, 2017, when Jeff Brown’s ads promoting the “God Key” started to show up in our inboxes. It has not been updated or revised, but the new versions of the ad from Brown are very similar to the ones we covered in November, including the description of […]

Lichtenfeld’s “Genesis Cure” — “This single technology could wipe 4,800 incurable diseases off the face of the Earth”

Fear Of Missing Out is such a big deal that it gets its own acronym in my book (FOMO — and a clever FOMO-fueling website here), and it drives investors to take huge chances just so they don’t have to worry about missing a chance at stupendous gains. That’s what many newsletter ads use to […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    We keep seeing this ad and getting more questions about it -- the ad hasn't changed in any big way that I've noticed, th...

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    ARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF—ARKG This one has EDIT, CELG, NTLA, CRSP......

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    I think its cell data. https://mo...

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    I gave up on EDIT, NTLA, and CRSP and went with Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) which is similar but much less volatile. And ILMN ...

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    If you read all the way down to the end of Altucher's epic screed you see that he says you should buy all three: EDIT, N...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    I have a really hard time with R&D companies or very early-stage clinical biotechs -- partly because it's an end market ...

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    I have bought some of Lichtenstein's lightening trades, I can say that ALGN was amazing 171% gain. Portola, took longe...

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