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I love this story… it brings to mind the Indiana Jones-style teaser pitches about top-secret mineral riches in strange places that were so prevalent a decade ago in newsletterland… here’s a little taste: “This Secret Research Complex… “Hidden Away in a Small Town in Australia… “Is About to Reveal a “$66 Billion Breakthrough…” Wow, so […]

Another day, another crazy hyped-up pitch from Dr. Kent Moors — this time, he’s advertising his “entry level” Energy Advantage newsletter with a promise that he has found a way to profit from a “breakthrough superfuel.” So what’s the story? Well, let’s start you out with a look at the headline: “This Breakthrough ‘Superfuel’ is […]

First Published March 8 2016 This is not a brand-new ad, and it has been discussed by Gumshoe readers a few times — but apparently I’ve never written about it or looked closely at it, so we’ll remedy that today. And, of course, we’ll name the “secret” stocks being teased for you. Keith Kohl opens […]


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    I think you're right, we covered that one here:

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    It's always interesting watching how the various parts of the Agora "empire" deal with the same stock. Here Stansberry'...

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    Cancer briefing nov 15 stansberry Dave lashmet and doc eifrig claims new cancer breakthrough with 500 percent gains this...

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    I like the stuff that I've read from Dave Lashmet. I think that he's a straight shooter. If he says buy INO, then I'...

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    This all seemed familiar to me and so I looked up some old data dated February 2006 and Dave Lashmet was teasing about t...

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    Re: biotech mergers and acquisitions Although the surge in M&A activity has some observors warning of a "bubble" in ...

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