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That headline sits atop a teaser ad that I started receiving on Tuesday this week from Tim Fields for his Untapped Wealth newsletter. Now, I should warn you up front that this newsletter has recommended some real doozies in the past, like that silly “forever battery,” and they’ve gotten involved in some stock promotion that […]

After Minefinders had a very quick run in the mining stock recovery (and gold bull market) early this year, I put a protective stop on my holdings to safeguard those returns — that stop loss order got triggered today, actually pretty close to the lows of the day.  In the end, that means roughly a […]

I’ve just opened up some small positions in a couple gold miners that have been teased a bit of late — Minefinders and Hill End Gold, both touted within the last couple weeks. This remains a small part of my portfolio, and I consider it to be the speculative end of the “inflation fear” part […]


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    Gumshoe, you are AWESOME!!! I think people like Zachary Scheidt should be thrown in Jail for scamming innocent people. T...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Hi Dean, covered that one here:

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    Zachary Scheidt of The Takeover Alert “I can also divulge that this company is building a marijuana growing facility t...

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    Yes! This would be Hiku. Started by former Google executive Alan Gertner. Alan 's business model is a triple threat as h...

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    I know Jim Nelson from his prior letter at Agora and found his pick to be very good. Zachary Scheidt has added a new po...

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    I've been a subscriber of Taipan Velocity Trader for years and I can reccomend it. Zachary Scheidt must have some ...

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    Now Taipan (Zachary Scheidt) is hyping "Silver Shots". Seem the same as the platinum....

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    Dear stockgumshoe: Could you please analyse what is the "Foreclosure Slips" exacly (which is not house lien.)? Man...

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