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There was a new teaser email from the Oxford Income Letter folks this morning that caught my eye… and in these tumultuous days, when I don’t really feel like doing any trading around these short-term gyrations caused by pandemic panic and political pandering, I confess to being extra-interested in relatively stable dividend-paying investments. So let’s […]

ed. note: The first version of this article was originally published in September of 2018, when we initially saw these ads rolling. It has been re-circulated several times, most recently because of the attention Jeff Bezos is getting for becoming the wealthiest person in history, so readers are asking again and we’re re-posting the answers […]

Motley Fool Canada launched a new dividend-focused newsletter service called Dividend Investor Canada earlier this year, and they’re now promoting it using a promise that they’re finding retail’s “next generation of ‘hidden millionaires.” And, of course, the bait that they dangle to entice you to subscribe is a report with some “secret” stocks that they […]

These kinds of ads always include some huge numbers that sound really, really impressive… here’s a little bit of the intro from the latest ad for Briton Ryle’s The Wealth Advisory: “*Jim T. collected $23,500 last month from ‘backdooring’ Google’s Account *Ron J. ‘backdoored’ $15,804 from Facebook’s Account *Aaron K. pocketed $6,817 last month from […]

The latest ad from Dr. David Eifrig for his Income Intelligence service (published by Stansberry) makes it seem like there’s something secretive and amazing happening that will boost your portfolio… and it’s happening immediately and on a specific date (September 16). So what is it? Here’s the intro to the ad: “Last year, two of […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    That was a pitch for PLD from a different publisher, this ad is along the same lines but not as misleading....

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Yes, the ads are conceptually similar, and I’ve been happy with CoreSite — I sold much of my position in a stop loss...

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  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    FYI, Prologis is large and global, but most of their overseas business is in management and they don't always directly o...

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    I think the colorado compnay is Prologis (PLD), Glimcher is definitely the company with the January 30th debt payment d...

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    Thanks Tom -- I'm glad you always remember to read the REALLY important stuff :) Not sure which Skousen ad you're talki...

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