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The next wireless standard to be adopted by telecom service providers might be the biggest one since 3G enabled the first real “high speed” data and reasonably useful internet access by smart phones. And new wireless standards are always of interest to investors, not least because the growth of smartphones has tracked the improving networks […]

I love this story… it brings to mind the Indiana Jones-style teaser pitches about top-secret mineral riches in strange places that were so prevalent a decade ago in newsletterland… here’s a little taste: “This Secret Research Complex… “Hidden Away in a Small Town in Australia… “Is About to Reveal a “$66 Billion Breakthrough…” Wow, so […]

I’ve had a couple folks ask me about iron ore and “black rock fuel” (which was a phrase invented by copywriters selling Benjamin Shepherd’s Global Investment Strategist newsletter), so I thought that on this Memorial Day, when no one is strolling the halls here at glorious Gumshoe Headquarters, I’d take that teaser solution I shared […]


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    ARCC up 15% and 3 drips BCX just purchased FTAI up 52%, 2 drips PBCT up 10 % no div. received yet RIO up 30%, no div. r...

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    I had come to that conclusion too, Nomad. A few facts don't align, but agree. Del Rio(?) has some interesting small com...

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    bbl ccj leu rio u als efr pdn ure fcu azz uec nxe bky ptu al bsk wwr wuc pen lam gxu vo plu syh aee pnp uex mga fsy iso ...

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    NGLOY, GLNCY, USCI, SA, RIO, FCX, BBL, VALE, RGLD, FNV, SQM, ALB, PXD, NTR, CCJ. I think that's about it. Entry points u...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Thanks, Magma -- didn't know that... though I guess we still don't have much of a picture of what the cost and productio...

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