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OK, I know, it’s getting a little ridiculous that I still haven’t covered the whole portfolio of stocks with my annual review updates — but for some I’m waiting to see what the quarterly update tells me, and for others, well, I’m just trying to catch up. Here’s what I’ve got for you by way […]

Happy Friday! I’ve got another reading assignment for you today… the researcher behind the Dunning-Kruger effect posted an interesting article called “We Are All Confident Idiots” a couple years ago that just came to my attention (I think someone posted it on Twitter, but forgot to jot down the original source). Here’s a little excerpt, […]

There’s no more cyclical stock than a semiconductor stock, and we’re seeing the whipsaw slash through that market now as trade sentiment weakens and pundits begin to see some weakness in the economy, particularly in the employment numbers, and the Federal Reserve fuels that uncertainty by essentially promising a rate cut in their attempt to […]

We’ve seen a long stream of earnings reports and other worthwhile bits of data on Real Money Portfolio stocks since I last wrote to you, including some that actually included some interesting news, so prepare for a lot of quick updates…. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) reported another quarter of ho-hum… pretty much met the forecasts, […]

So… what’s going on this week? The world watched Congress actually pass something last night, on the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash (they passed their spending framework bill for 2018, which is importantly mostly because it sets the stage for tax reform legislation to proceed in the coming months), so that made […]

I’m always interested to see what kind of big-growth ideas are being teased, particularly in a market that already feels so expensive, so a Cabot pitch caught my eye again this week — this time it’s from Mike Cintolo for Cabot Growth Investor, and this is what grabbed my attention: “My Expectation: A 25% Jump […]

Just an FYI for folks who follow my personal “real money” portfolio — today, following Kerrisdale Capital’s short attack on Northern Dynasty (NAK), I sold an additional part of my warrant position when it hit my mental stop loss level of about C$2.50 (the stock was nearing C$3). That books a total profit of roughly […]

This is not a fundamental look at any of these stocks, but just a quick update on my personal portfolio. Like you, I have many priorities in my life… and some of those priorities changed a bit over the last week or two, so we’re considering some real estate transactions that make it important for […]

Several folks have asked about the state of Altius Minerals (ALS.TO, ATUSF), which I’ve written about for you many times and have owned for about seven years (time flies when you’re having fun!). They just released their quarterly filing, and the initial impression is “more of the same” — the business is chugging along, cash […]

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps […]

I’ve owned shares of Sandstorm Gold (SAND) for several years, and it was one of my larger holdings for a while, so readers ask about it with some frequency — particularly during times like these, when it is wildly volatile. So is Sandstorm Gold a buy today? Well, I haven’t sold any shares recently. But […]

Those who’ve been around these parts for any length of time know that I like to get the minerals and mining exposure in my portfolio primarily through royalty companies and their ilk — the firms who put in cash or exploration properties in exchange for a share of future production but who don’t actually do […]

Ed. note:   Today we’re experimenting with adding some more voices to the world of Stock Gumshoe to add a different perspective and cover some sectors in more detail.  We’ve asked longtime reader Myron Martin, who spends a lot of time with junior mining stocks and other small caps, to share his perspective with you — […]

Everyone in the investing punditry game has to make predictions, so I’ll go out on a limb here and let you know which of the stocks in the Gumshoe universe I’m most excited about for the coming year. I’m also, so you know, going to be revamping how I present and track the “Idea of […]

We spend a fair amount of time picking on the worst teaser picks made by newsletter publishers in their advertisements … particularly around Thanksgiving, when we highlight the Turkey of the Year for a bit of fun (and to help remind folks of how far story stocks can fall, regardless of the smooth words of […]

Hi Travis, Looking at Price to cash flows and PE, do you think Sand storm is overvalued? While they did sign the big deal recently, they’ve had an incredible run up prior to the NYSE listing and an almost parabolic growth after that. Earnings come in Nov. Seems like the stock has already priced in […]

Huh? Are the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins going to suddenly become twice as valuable as the American Eagle silver coins? No, don’t worry, it’s not that simple and silver is still fungible, an ounce is an ounce is an ounce (well, a troy ounce, anyway). So what’s the idea of “Canadian silver” being somehow […]

Thought I’d share this with the community – especially given the focus here on SandStorm Gold (they’ve also been in the news lately). While all of this seems to be to be great news for SandStorm over the long term (especially with gold prices holding steady – unlike coal and gas!), it does provide […]

[The “Mainz” Teaser Term has been used several times, click here for the most recent articles] Matt Badiali is again invoking the “Mainz” name as he teases royalty companies — the “Mainz” bit refers to the home of the Gutenberg printing press, which enabled mass-production of creative works for arguably the first time, and thus […]

The teaser ads are piling up again for companies that offer some sort of royalty interest in precious metals mining operations — and I think there’s a good reason for that. The royalty companies and streaming companies are ready to do deals and many of them are flush with cash, and junior miners are, after […]

I’ve spent the past couple weeks going over my updated opinions on all of the past “Idea of the Month” stocks (or at least, those that haven’t already been dropped from coverage over the years), and I promised to put them all in one big list in order of likingness (yes, I know it’s not […]

Just a quick note that, as I said I would eventually do, I’ve begun rebuilding my Sandstorm Metals & Energy position — I sold most of my holdings in this base metals and energy streaming company in December to take tax losses, and have now bought in to about a third of the position size […]

Hey Travis (and irregulars), What is a solid price to buy for Sandstorm metals? I was thinking anything under .40, but was curious if anyone had a valuation that is making them target a certain price. It has really gotten creamed as of late. Any valuations or price thoughts on Sandstorm gold are welcome as […]

Just a note to let you know that I’ve moved about a third of my Sandstorm Gold (SSL in canada, SNDXF on the pinks) common shares into a SSL.WT/SNXXF warrant position (ie, sold the shares and bought the warrants — the original warrants, not the Series A) — with the warrants trading exactly at the […]

Today, dearest Irregulars, I’ve been a bit thwarted in my efforts to find new and intriguing investment ideas for you — that is, I’ve found some, certainly (they’re always out there), but they haven’t matched the template for what I generally like to share with my favorite readers (yes, that’s you). The first one I […]

After several years of touting (and sometimes teasing) microcap mining stocks for subscribers of Stansberry’s super-expensive Phase 1 newsletter, Matt Badiali is launching a new letter that focuses on these small stocks, picks that he says are too small and volatile for his inexpensive S&A Resource Report letter. This letter is called the S&A Junior […]

With Sandstorm Resources being among my larger personal stock holdings, I tend to keep a pretty close eye on what they’re doing. I also had a small holding in Sandstorm Metals and Energy, the company they spun out earlier this year to be a commodity “streaming” type of royalty company for base metal and energy […]

Now we know why Sandstorm Resources raised so much money a few weeks ago: They had a deal cooking. They just agreed to buy 12% of the gold stream from a producing mine (The Black Fox Mine, owned by Brigus Gold) that should have years of production and reserves increases ahead. Terms are not as […]


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    $MZUX - McEwen Mining Reports Positive Exploration Drill Results from Grey Fox

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    If we can't count on "Fluorescent sand," how about the "Quantum battery?"...

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    ridi pagliaccio, now a new riddle. the wather predictors magi told FCC that the 5G wavelength present a problem (as thei...

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    Travis, Does LGND have to follow the royalty model? SAND turned its fortunes when it broke the mold. Perhaps LGND is go...

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    True enough, here's the three month chart of Sprott (orange), followed by the one-year, compared to GDX (red), GLD (gree...

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    Just joined the premium bc I enjoy reading your content. Researching your portfolio now for some pick ups. Already in ...

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    John Mauldin did a blog post about "Sandpiles." Months ago. It is about piling more sand on top of a sandpile until th...

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    As an cexample: A service has $SAND in the portfolio as a hold. A few days ago they said sell and re - enter at a future...

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    Overall, considering my entire portfolio, about 4% is physical gold and silver (roughly 75% gold/25% silver). I don't c...

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    Definitely not my favorite idea in gold, but I continue to hold on to a small stub of my warrant position from last year...

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