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We’d all love to bet the ranch on a sure thing, and who among has too much wealth set aside for their golden years? Because of the runaway government spending/deficits, as well as a plethora of unfunded liabilities from Social Security to Medicare, to the Pension Guarantee fund, and so much more… and now the […]

This week I’m seeing a new wave of questions about this Jim Rickards ad from Agora, and the ad itself has been (clumsily) updated a few times since we covered it back in November of 2017 (the last version with the “by March 19, 2019” deadline even suggested that Yellen was still President of the […]

This is a late continuation of the predecessor thread titled: “Gold, Silver, and Hard Assets…FALL 2017”…from which, I quote: “Everyone makes mistakes and I make more than my share.”  Well, I nailed that one. In 2018, overall my picks were not successful.  Many of the mining speculations were duds. Plus the commodity price landscape was […]

“Shocking Investigation Reveals: “How a tiny handful of institutions (including a branch of the Chinese government) are creating the greatest resource opportunity in over 34 years… “Why thousands of unprepared investors could lose everything… “Three specific ways to make serious gains as the price of this substance jumps 550% over the next year.” That’s how […]

We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged. Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us […]

Huh? Are the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins going to suddenly become twice as valuable as the American Eagle silver coins? No, don’t worry, it’s not that simple and silver is still fungible, an ounce is an ounce is an ounce (well, a troy ounce, anyway). So what’s the idea of “Canadian silver” being somehow […]

There’s something about using the atomic number for an element that makes you feel extra smart and exclusive, isn’t there? Or at least, that’s what I’m forced to conclude from the fact that most of the newsletter jockeys appear to delight in intriguing and mysterious references to the “fortune making” fourth element or the “battle […]

How can you find sacks of treasure located around 776 cities around the country? That’s the pitch from Retirement Millionaire from Stansberry & Associates — the ad, which is one of those good ol’ video ads that doesn’t happen to link to a text version, even includes a “treasure map” of those cities around the […]

That headline sits atop a teaser ad that I started receiving on Tuesday this week from Tim Fields for his Untapped Wealth newsletter. Now, I should warn you up front that this newsletter has recommended some real doozies in the past, like that silly “forever battery,” and they’ve gotten involved in some stock promotion that […]

“After 98 years of secrecy, the greatest economic conspiracy in history is finally unfolding.” “Learn how you could turn $5,000 into $100,000 (or more) by 2009 with this safe and simple profit/protection plan…” That’s how this latest ad opens, with the threat that the 98-year-old “Jeckyl Island Project” economic conspiracy will ruin your retirement — […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
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    My experience with Ray Blanco is that many if not most of his Marijuana recommendations come weeks to months AFTER the ...

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    Just ran across Jeff Siegel selling his sell legal drugs ad for $49. Has anyone tried this? Is this a scam?...

  • SoGiAm

    A tease for the Thin-o-lator and the super sleuthing Gummunity members: Forget Tesla, THIS is the Ultimate Electric C...

  • SoGiAm

    THIS is My Favorite Legal Marijuana Stock By Jeff Siegel | Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Her name is Jane Philpott... http://...

  • SoGiAm

    My #1 Stock Pick for This Week Is... By Jeff Siegel | Tuesday, March 8, 2016 It all went down last Friday … USDA Sec...

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    Hi Travis. Have you heard of Jeff Siegel & his $1999 report on how to tap into legal drug trading, based in Canada? ...

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    I confirm the OEGY comment. I bought on the strength of a very similar write-up from Jeff Siegel – and lost my mo...

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    today from wealth daily by jeff siegel he is pushing a co. producing what he calls a " negawatt box" as a fifth fule wh...

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    I subscribed at least 3 years ago because I was interested in the whole concept of Green Energy and made money on severa...

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    Any one tried Alternative Energy Speculator put out by Jeff Siegel who seems to have a very good track record comments p...

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    Kudos to Jeff Siegel. Like you say GS, hard to resist real money. See WPT.TO for very interesting current news and de...

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