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You don’t have to go far down the latest ad from Dr. Stephen Leeb’s Real World Investing (being pitched at $795/yr) to see why Gumshoe readers are asking us questions… “Thanks to Executive Order 13817, the United States is set to become one of the world’s largest producers of a coveted resource called ‘AN3.’ “Here’s […]

I love this story… it brings to mind the Indiana Jones-style teaser pitches about top-secret mineral riches in strange places that were so prevalent a decade ago in newsletterland… here’s a little taste: “This Secret Research Complex… “Hidden Away in a Small Town in Australia… “Is About to Reveal a “$66 Billion Breakthrough…” Wow, so […]

First Published March 8 2016 This is not a brand-new ad, and it has been discussed by Gumshoe readers a few times — but apparently I’ve never written about it or looked closely at it, so we’ll remedy that today. And, of course, we’ll name the “secret” stocks being teased for you. Keith Kohl opens […]

This teaser for one of Andy Obermueller’s newsletters has been making the rounds for a while, but it has so many aggressive predictions in it that the questions about it roll in to Stock Gumshoe HQ pretty regularly … so let’s see if we can pick out a few of his hot “investment opportunities,” shall […]


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