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This teaser wasn’t the core offering of Palm Beach Letter‘s latest pitch for their premium package of services — that was mostly Tom Dyson’s increasingly strident “Income for Life” push — they usually call that the “770 Account,” and they’ve been pushing it for several years now as the only safe way to protect your […]

Just announced this morning, after a brief trading halt: Sprott Resource Corp (SCP.TO SCPZF) will begin paying a monthly dividend. This is effectively a closed end fund of investments in natural resource companies, along with some cash and gold. I’ve written about them many times and hold shares personally, and they’ve been buying back shares […]

I’ve spent the past couple weeks going over my updated opinions on all of the past “Idea of the Month” stocks (or at least, those that haven’t already been dropped from coverage over the years), and I promised to put them all in one big list in order of likingness (yes, I know it’s not […]

Agriculture is yet again a big story in the markets — we’re told not only that food inflation is a big part of the unrest that toppled Tunisia’s government, may be part of what’s bringing down Mubarak in Egypt, and is certainly a major part of the inflation that’s hitting China and other emerging markets, […]

Those of you who’ve been around these parts for a while probably know that I think food and agriculture are likely to be important investment sectors in the decades to come — there’s simply no getting around the fact that the population continues to rise and arable land declines, which means the produce of that […]

Jim Rogers, famed former partner of George Soros, is the agricultural commodity bull to end all bulls right now, it seems — but he’s often been right. And along with many other folks who are prominent in the investing punditocracy (including Rick Rule, Dennis Gartman, and Marc Faber, among many more), he’s recommending agriculture and […]

Matt Badiali gave an interview to the Gold Report recently in which he talked up the “prospect generators” again, mentioning several companies I own and have written about on StockGumshoe (both for teases of his, and from other newsletters). He mentioned Centamin Egypt, which I sold a while ago, Altius Minerals and Royal Gold, which […]


  • I have seen another SPROTT "construct" Sprott Resource Holdings, Inc. SRHI (Toronto) crash from 12 to 3 (Feb '17) then f...

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