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Energy Advantage teases: “This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil… This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses.”

The first version of this article ran way back on March 30, 2016, so it might look familiar to a lot of you — but a few folks asked about it today, and it looks like the ad is running again, still without much change to the spiel, so I’m re-publishing this teaser solution. I’ve […]

“The Greatest Leap of Mankind… Unlimited FREE Energy” (Dr. Kent Moors’ Picks Revealed)

This email pitch from Dr. Kent Moors for his Energy Advantage newsletter seems to have hit just about every inbox in North America. It has come in under a bunch of different subject lines, from “stunning breakthrough set to make OPEC obsolete” to “$5 stock make OPEC obsolete” to “Say ‘Goodbye’ to Your Electric Bill… […]

“SEC Lifts ‘Blackout’ … Unlocks access to a $3.2-billion solar portfolio” (Wall Street Daily)

This appears to be the “hot” story of the day, given the number of alert Gumshoe readers who have been forwarding it along (you can always submit your teasers, too, or forward them to ILoveStockSpam[at] — the more the merrier!) — it’s from Wall Street Daily and is selling their Publisher’s Series as a quarterly offering […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    He’s got a very similar ad to that SunEdison one running again, just a few words changed to hint at a different solar...

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    Dr Kent Moors... The fact he is a doctor of anything seems to be an oxymoron. He markets himself as a worldwide expert ...

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    Kent also heavily promote $4 Sunedison (SUNE) early this year. A few month later SUNE went to nearly bankrupt with curr...

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    Thanks Travis. The most accurate statement you made here was the first sentence: "Dr. Kent Moors never goes small or und...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
  • sogiam

    SUNE- Why Is SunEdison (SUNE) Stock Crashing? 4:29 pm ET January 7, 2016 (Zacks) Just days after the stock gained nea...

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    I certainly don't know if Moor's scientific or fiscal analysis is sound on MNGA. My only track record with his recommen...

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