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I hope you can forgive your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe for being a bit addle-brained, but I can’t seem to keep track in my head of the vast numbers of natural resources and commodities-focused newsletters that have sprung up (or been renamed) over the last year or two. I think this one is new, it’s called […]

That headline sits atop a teaser ad that I started receiving on Tuesday this week from Tim Fields for his Untapped Wealth newsletter. Now, I should warn you up front that this newsletter has recommended some real doozies in the past, like that silly “forever battery,” and they’ve gotten involved in some stock promotion that […]

Most of the chatter we hear about Peter Schiff these days relates to his battle with Linda McMahon for the Republican slot on the ballot for Chris Dodd’s CT Senate seat — but his Euro Pacific Capital brokerage firm is still drumming up business, trying to get new clients who are interested in a traditional […]


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    I am a subscriber to a couple of the big "expensive" newsletters, but I also use stockgumshoe for a reality check. Late...

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    Down on most of my gold stocks also except NSU. Looking at SVM right now with SP down. Also, GSV took a nose dive but ...

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    Two other companies whose valuations have been beaten down by lies are SilverCorp Metals, Inc. (SVM) and China Northeast...

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    "Skipping the exploration step is so absurd".... 99 out of 100 you are right. Silvercorp Metals was an ex...

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    SilverCorp Metals (SVM) is right up there with Silver Wheaton (SLW) Silver Streaming Royalty Co. as lowest cost silver p...

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