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Graphite, Lithium & Cobalt — Gerardo Del Real Teases that “Shares of This ‘One-Stop Mine Shop’ Could Earn You 826%”

The talk of trade war with China is bringing the idea of Chinese mineral dominance back to the pages of investment teaser ads… we’ve seen several in the last week or two that focus on rare earths, where China remains dominant and might have some extra negotiating leverage in trade disputes, and this latest pitch […]

“Charged Ore” and “the tiny $1 stock with a monopoly on America’s ONLY domestic source of this metal”

Jason Stutman’s “upgrade” newsletter, The Cutting Edge ($1,499/yr), is out with a teaser campaign that promises you the chance at riches from “Charged Ore” … and, in fact, an actual sample of that ore itself as part of your subscription. So what is “Charged Ore,” and what’s this little Nebraska mine that Stutman thinks will […]

“Dividend Superstations: Network of money-payout machines is quietly being developing in all 50 states”

Several readers have asked me this week what “Dividend Superstations” are… so that’s the target for the Thinkolator today. The ad comes from Brett Owens for his Contrarian Income Report, which is usually sold as a service that looks for a “secure 8% ‘no withdrawal’ return” for retirement — an admirable goal, and not terribly […]

What’s the “New Highway Being Built Across America” and the stock Ian Wyatt says could double “Very Soon?”

Ian Wyatt is out with a new teaser promo for his $100K Portfolio service, and it’s all about a young company that’s growing rapidly and changing America in a substantial way … with a free new “highway” across the country. He pitches this secret stock using the same kind of language that several other growth-focused […]

“Great Online Advertising Play” owned by John Paulson, and “The Only Smart Way to Profit From Solar” (Hilary Kramer)

I wrote about Hilary Kramer and her new(ish) GameChangers newsletter for the first time just a couple weeks ago — so it’s certainly too early to judge whether her teaser stocks tend to perform as she predicts (that pick, Metalico, is down about 10% from when I wrote about it … but I don’t hold […]


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    EV Sales Are Poised To Grow 54x... Here's How To Profit (Matt Bohlsen) Jul. 16, 2018 9:30 AM ET|1 comment | Includes: ...

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    $MDGL priced 1.34M shares at $305/Share Thx Odi

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    $TSLA Short sellers betting against Tesla lose more than $1 billion in single day as stock pops ...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    That's a really precise short-term options trade. Not sure I'll get the details perfect because I just have a moment to...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Speaking of high-cachet growth stocks, there was a great quote from Grant’s today: “Netflix has achieved rapid grow...

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    Just a note to all my fellow $TSLA traders: with the earnings call occurring 2/7 after close, premiums are absurd until ...

  • Griffin you may be right about Li-NCM for grid storage but they will continue to be massive for conventional application...

  • For me, it is not so much that I believe EV is the future as opposed to hydrogen or other. It is do I believe the market...

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