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Happy Tax Day! (OK, not really — I’m told you get until the 18th because of holidays this year… but still, April 15 holds a special place in our hearts.) I’m coming to you a bit early with your Friday File this morning, since I’ll be traveling later in the day — our publishing schedule […]

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps […]

All of you, dear Irregulars, know that Stock Gumshoe is not a “tip sheet,” and I don’t operate a portfolio for other people to emulate or copy, or even attempt to track the stocks we cover as if they were a portfolio of buys and sells with consistent trading advice… but I do keep a […]

I’ve got a few thoughts for you on some companies I follow and own, and a little follow-up on last week’s chatter about hedge funds, but first I thought you’d like a quick teaser solution for your Friday File fun… The pitch is for Stephen Petranek’s Breakthrough Technology Alert — there’s been some discussion recently […]

Well, TGS Nopec (TGS in Oslo, TGSGY for the pink sheets ADR) did indeed release earnings yesterday … and they were about what they had indicated they would be: worse than last year. The stock reacted very mildly, it’s moved up gradually over the last week or so as investors have gotten a bit more […]

I’ve had some lowball limit orders in for a few companies that I find interesting, and one of them just hit thanks to some bad news from that company so I picked up a few shares. The company is TGS-Nopec (TGS in Oslo, TGSGY for the ADR on the pink sheets), a Norwegian-American oil services […]

Chris Mayer may be the presenter at the Value Investing Congress who is most familiar to Gumshoe readers, being as he edits a couple of newsletters for Agora Finance and we’ve revealed a few teaser picks of his over the years. He tends to be a pretty sober and value-focused guy, despite the wackiness of […]


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