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Oxford club makes a pitch about a new service (microcaps) with limited subscriptions (99 subscribers) at around $2K/year. It is doing wearables – really a growing market and the first it talks about dos 5 new products: 1- a (scientific) home fitness system with a 43″ HD screen and surround sound 2- a foldable threadmill […]

Today I’m getting a lot of questions about the “Coronavirus Recovery Package” being pitched by Alexander Green — he’s selling Oxford Club subscriptions ($99) by promising a special report called “The Three Biggest Winners of the Coronavirus Recovery.” Green’s big-picture intro is pretty reasonable and rational, and similar to lots of other folks these days […]

Options trading service from Karim Rahemtulla, recommends “collect income now and buy stocks at a discount” trades that are based on selling put options. Rahemtulla previously recommended options trades at times for Xcelerated Profits Report and has helmed several other newsletters in the past for the Oxford Club and other Agora affiliates.

This latest pitch from the Oxford Club has really caught the attention of Gumshoe readers — lots of questions about this “Jupiter Engine” that will “end global warming” and make all other power plants obsolete… mostly, of course, because it’s also supposed to give you “the retirement of your dreams” as revenue “surges by 4,130%” […]

I’ve been puttering around and thinking about several different teaser ads recently, but this one percolated to the top of the pile when I read Alexander Green’s characterization of it as the “Easiest Grand-Slam Stock of the New Year” … so what is it? Well, the ad is for the basic membership in the Oxford […]


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    I joined the oxford club chairmans circle so I get all the investment letters and pay a nominal yearly fee. I'm 43. I ex...

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    You expected a retirement stock to be profitable in less than 10-20 years? I suggest managing your expectations and kno...

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    I share in each of your frustrations. I finally took my lumps, and reluctantly dumped this very questionable push by A...

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    I joined Alexander Green /Momentum Alert based on the hype that by joining the service you would receive at least 267% r...

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    I might invest the Catalyst 27-29 pennies I have in my pocket in this and maybe even all the Catalyst 27-29 I keep in a ...

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