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We have a charming little tradition here at Stock Gumshoe of picking out the stinkiest stock to have been teased over the past year, and calling it our “Turkey of the Year” come Thanksgiving time. It’s not particularly fair — certainly not to turkeys everywhere, and probably not to the newsletter folks who use breathless, […]

“Boobs are just the beginning. “That’s how a national magazine led off an article about the miracle of regenerative medicine. “But it’s not just boobs…” I’ve been seeing lots of questions about an ad that starts with those words, complete with visual aids from Steve Christ in a pitch for his The Wealth Advisory newsletter. […]

This next teaser stock, we’re told … “Is Proof One Doctor Can Grow New Organs, Regenerate Limbs, and Eradicate Disease “And you can buy shares of his company right now, before anyone else knows it exists.” The tease is to get you to subscribe to Steve Christ’s newsletter, The Wealth Advisory — I’ve written about […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Most of Oilprice's pitches of late are paid ads by companies, but this one about "Perovskite Crystals" has been around f...

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    I received another "The Death of Silicon Crystals" from James Stafford at Darwin Investing Network promoting a $10 compa...

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    Anybody know what company James Stafford of is taunting that supposedly has used a super crystal to provide...

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    Anyone know the company James Stafford in his most recent tease for a super crystal that can be printed on flexible mate...

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