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Turn down the football game and bring out the pies, it’s that time again! Stock Gumshoe is mostly closed down for the holiday week, but we do have to continue our annual tradition of calling out our “Turkey of the Year” … so take a pause from arguing with your family and join us, won’t […]

This article was originally published on March 21, 2019 when the “deadline” touted was March 25. We’ve lightly updated our piece below, but much of it (like the ad) is unchanged from March. The latest ad for Green Chip Stocks is a doozy — reminiscent of the many “the world is about to change” ads […]

Today we’ve got a teaser pitch from Marc Lichtenfeld to consider. It’s an ad for his Oxford Income Letter, but the “fountain of youth” pitch makes it sound like a wild ride of a biotech idea… so let’s dig in and see what we can find, shall we? Sometimes it’s best to start with the […]


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    $TORC > New position at $1.30 , insiders exercising/acquiring #dyodd

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    Sorry for my bad english. There is a drug that my aunt developed back in Soviet times. She tested it on her friend, who ...

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    A friend just received another one of these pitches, but the date is now Nov 13. Looks like we are in for many addition...

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    I think your last paragraph is right on target. If resTORbio thought there was any chance of the price moving higher in...

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    The interview at the following site shows what rapamycin did for Dr. Alan S. Green. Whether that means that TORC will d...

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