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Friday File: Portfolio Hodgepodge — One New Speculation, an Add-on Buy, and Check-ins on Some Dividend Growth stocks and Altius

CoreSite (COR) announced their latest dividend increase this week, which I’ve been anticipating — would they continue to be a rapid dividend growth REIT and keep investors excited, or will the slowing of the dividend growth continue to make me more cautious about the valuation of this highflier? Well, it turns out that the dividend […]

Checking out Lindzon’s “How to bank up to 1,000% gains thanks to the ‘Crypto Terminal’ … All without buying a single cryptocurrency!”

I like reading Howard Lindzon, a hedge fund/venture capital guy who became a widely-followed trend pundit and co-founded StockTwits, and he now has a newsletter in partnership with Agora… so Gumshoe readers were curious about what he’s selling, and, frankly, so was I. Let’s dig in, shall we? Lindzon is a prolific opiner, so you […]

Navellier’s “Urgent Buy Alert” in China — He Says “This Massive Buying Opportunity Won’t Last Long”

Louis Navellier is out with another of his “only a few hours left” promos to drum up new subscribes for his Ultimate Growth newsletter — he says he’s seeing huge opportunities in “AAA Rated” China growth stocks… … and in order to convince you to subscribe, he’s dropping some hints to whet your appetite for […]

Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Nov. 1 “Hybrid Dating Stock” and “The Biggest Upside Earnings Surprise in Two Decades!”

Keith Fitz-Gerald is dangling “The Biggest Upside Earnings Surprise in Two Decades” as an inducement to convince folks to sign up for a subscription to Money Map Report, which is the “entry level” newsletter for Money Map… so what is the stock they’re talking about? He calls it a “hybrid ‘dating’ stock,” and thinks that […]

“Secret Loophole into Silicon Valley’s ‘Most Valuable Private Company'”

That headline comes to us from Wall Street Daily, soliciting subscribers for Robert Williams’ True Alpha, and it’s one of the more attention-getting strategies that newsletter use to pitch ideas: Getting in early. Sometimes “early” means buying a stock before a catalyst is widely known, sometimes it means just buying before your investing friends have […]

Cabot Dividend’s “TODAY ONLY:Get My No. 1 Income Stock Free”

“Free” does not necessarily mean what you think it does. Neither does “Today Only” … not if you’re wandering in woods that are infested with marketing copywriters. In this case, “Free” means “Free with-subscription-to-my-paid-newsletter-for-$100″… and I don’t know what “Today” means, but I first saw the ad from Chloe Lutts Jensen at Cabot yesterday and, […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Yes. Twitter is the social media stock that I thought had the most upside early this year... that may not be true anymo...

  • Gr8Full!

    Trump drug pricing speech tomorrow 2PM will focus on Medicare Part B drugs --> $IBB $XBI $REGN TY

  • Gr8Full!

    $TWTR IQ > Martin, Travis is absolutely correct and part of Myron's e-mail address is: 'TakeProfits". Leave #EM...

  • Gr8Full!

    20170412 > "Tomorrow starts the Songkran festival for the Thailand new year. It's an insane water festival and I will be...

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    @Srockgumshoe #Developers for #IT #IoT #Communication #Technology #T/A #ElliotWave #Screeners #Scripts #AI #Systems...

  • Gr8Full!

    Why #Cannabis #Legalization Reduces #Violent #Crime :-) #Recreational #marijuana was linked to a decrease in report...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    And now Citron has turned against Twitter (TWTR) at ~$30-32, after being bullish somewhere in the $22-24 range back in J...

  • Gr8Full!

    $Okta Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results View this release → http://investor.o...

  • Gr8Full!

    $TWTR Tease dissected by Travis, THANK YOU Travis!

  • SoGiAm

    Is $TWTR Crying Wolf or Taking Flight? Twitter (TWTR – NYSE) by Bottarelli Research Thursday, August 04, 2016 Per...

  • sogiam

    Will 2016 be Twitter’s Breakout Year? Twitter (TWTR – NYSE) By Bottarelli Research Published Thursday, December 3...

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