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I’ve seen this ad circulated so many times, with adjusting deadlines, that I didn’t realize I hadn’t specifically covered this pitch for my favorite readers… at least, not in its current iteration with a new company in that “Day Zero” position. “Day Zero” is now trumpeted as being December 4, but not long ago it […]

A version of this article was originally published on October 21, 2019, but the ad continues to circulate and generate new questions so we have updated it to address any changes over the past six months. Hard to believe that the major publishers didn’t already have something called The Penny Stock Letter, but this is […]

For some reason, the investment newsletter audience (and their publishers) find “anti-aging” pitches quite appealing… maybe it’s because so many of us are reaching those “golden years” and wondering how to extend them without pain or poverty. I’m not quite in the “core” demographic yet at 49, but I’ve got the knees and hips of […]


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    How many 'Day Zeros' are there going to be? Maybe he should rename them as 'Daily Disappointments' or 'Day Dump'. I alm...

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    Many of you may have already seen or heard about 'The World's First 'UNBEATABLE' Stock-Picking System' brought to you by...

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    There were a couple similar teasers that match up with this late last year, my most recent piece is here:

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    Sorry for my bad english. There is a drug that my aunt developed back in Soviet times. She tested it on her friend, who ...

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