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What’s “Fracking 2.0?” Nick Hodge teases that “One Texas Company Is Sitting On 4.1 Billion Barrels Of ‘Emission Free Oil'”

Welcome back, me! I’ve been vacationing for a week or so, and I’m ready to dive back into the teaser swamps to see what little morsels we might find to discuss. This one was an easy pick for the Thinkolator’s first project of the week: Nick Hodge is pitching one of his newsletters, Wall Street’s […]

What’s Nick Hodge’s “Proven Golden ‘Loophole'” that “Magnifies Gold & Silver Gains?”

Nick Hodge is pitching his Early Advantage newsletter (about $800) with a story about a “golden loophole” that he says provides your best path to profits in the precious metals business — and lots of readers have asked me about that “loophole” this morning, so we’re going to put the Thinkolator to work identifying the […]

Thoughts from Myron — U.S. Uranium Producers & Canadian Explorers in Athabasca Basin

Ed. note: Here’s the latest installment from longtime reader and junior miner man Myron Martin. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Many of the stocks Myron covers are microcap “penny stocks” that can move dramatically […]


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    Is it LUC or UEC, LUC has it Clara Blockchain and Katusa has been promoting it big time the past year. UEC has a big...

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    I like UEC as a swing trade. I buy when at around $1.20 and sell when it hits $160....

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    Well I have lost more money following Nick than anyone and Dr. is second. UEC I have owned for years waiting to get out ...

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    First time newbie. I must be high on the U305 hype I have both FCUUF , UEC. Also I have UUUU, URG, WSTRF,CVVUF, GVXXF....

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    Looks like Uranium Energy and Denison based on price, but I didn’t see the video so I’m basing on this on price only...

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    URC is the company. Not public yet . Holds 15% of Yellow cake. UEC owns about 20% of URC...

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    Marin Katusa’s top picks from VRIC 2018 are a joke (IMO) -

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