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If my limited interactions with the outside world are any indication, I’d say we’ve gotten to the “cab driver” period that institutional investors often talk about: When your cab driver starts giving you stock tips, the top is probably near. That’s not a reliable predictor, of course, and I guess it would be Uber drivers […]

Today I’m throwing in a little bonus article, since it’s an interesting topic, everyone seems to be obsessed with gold again this week (though gold prices took a little tumble yesterday), and a few folks have asked about E.B. Tucker from Casey Research and his “Gold Placements” pitch. If that doesn’t sound familiar, he has […]

A friend of mine shares his True Wealth Systems newsletter (Stansberry). Without divulging the entire content (the subject of a previous post from Travis with which I agree), they basically recommend PNC and BAC TARP warrants. I know Travis previously recommended PNC’s. I notice that the newsletter bases its recommendation on a P/B value ranging […]

Retail Opportunity Investments Corp (ROIC) made a quiet announcement on Friday that helped to juice the shares a bit later in the day, as the week closed. They have apparently been doing behind-the-scenes negotiations with warrant holders in an effort to continue to work through the warrant overhang that’s been impacting the stock price — […]


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    Tried Manward Trader service back in May of 2017, called to canceled during money back guarantee time frame, they exten...

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    RBC's Simeonidis throws in the towel and discontinues coverage on all obesity stocks --> $ARNA $OREX $VVUS $ZFGN http...

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    Ouch. I'm long ZFGN, and wishing I'd bought weight watchers instead. No cloud without a silver lining; once again the...

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    This is fun. Realizing that in my earlier childhood I was happy I got any food at all. Then as our fortunes changed an...

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