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This teaser solution was originally published on January 22, 2019, when we first saw the ad running. The ads have still been running in recent weeks, and we’re getting questions about it again, so we’re re-posting it here for your information. The ad has not changed, and my article below has not changed, though the […]

I’ve gotten quite a few questions recently about “income” and “buy stocks cheap” letters that are clearly veiled hints about put option selling… so I thought I’d take a look at one of them. The ad in question today is from Karim Rahemtulla, who calls himself “The Frugal Millionaire” in this spiel and has been […]

[Ed. note: Today we have another article from Jim Skelton, the Blind Squirrel, who writes to share what he learned about investing in his many years in the trenches as a financial advisor. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, the opinions he expresses are his own, and we haven’t reviewed, approved or screened his […]

I haven’t bought shares of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) in about a year and a half — the last time I added to my Berkshire holdings was just before Buffett and the board publicly announced that they’d authorize buying back shares if they dipped below what they considered a fair price. At the time that was […]

Just a quick note that this morning a limit order that I’ve had sitting in my account for a while triggered, and as a result I boosted my holdings in Berkshire Hathaway by about 20% (yes, I’m a small investor so these are the B shares — BRK.B in most quote systems). The company is […]

This is a little quickie from Green Chip International, a newsletter that is, like so many others, apparently boasting of more big discounts in their subscription rate — don’t know if anyone ever actually paid the “official” $995 subscription rate, but now they’re trying to get you to subscribe for $300. Still, that’s quite a handful of greenbacks for a newsletter that hasn’t had much opportunity to prove itself yet — so let’s see if we can figure out some of what they’re touting for us today. The big spiel is all about what they’re calling … “China’s $555 Billion ‘Environmental Liability Insurance’ …”

I’ve gotten a lot of email about Porter Stansberry’s latest ad campaign, the one that teases the existence of “secret societies” that you can participate in and significantly outperform the market. Of course, the mystique sells the newsletters … but are these “secret societies” for real? Let’s take a look. This “Pasadena Secret Society” … […]

This one is actually a teaser for a free service — but the Gumshoe doesn’t discriminate. It’s from Investment U, and it’s teasing us with the name of Warren Buffett’s secret portfolio holding, the one that he bought low and averaged up over the years, and recently piled on more shares of after the shares […]


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