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This article was originally published on Halloween, 2018, but we’re getting a ton of new questions about it so they must be running the ad heavily again. The ad has NOT been updated in any meaningful way, but some significant things have changed for this stock over the past year (though the stock price is […]

This article was originally published in late January — Andy Obermueller is teasing Apple suppliers again, hinting that the Apple “Growth Window” will close up on September 30 (presumably when we start freaking out about their next wave of iPhones and iPads, usually introduced around then), and the descriptions of the teased stocks that he […]

It’s a long list of teasers that tempts us into the Weiss fold, enticing us to subscribe to his real-money Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio. Tempted to subscribe? No, not the mighty Gumshoe! Tempted to sniff out the answers for free? You bet! The first teaser picks from this ad inspired a bit of debate (though, to […]


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    Gumshoe, you are AWESOME!!! I think people like Zachary Scheidt should be thrown in Jail for scamming innocent people. T...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Hi Dean, covered that one here:

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    Zachary Scheidt of The Takeover Alert “I can also divulge that this company is building a marijuana growing facility t...

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    Yes! This would be Hiku. Started by former Google executive Alan Gertner. Alan 's business model is a triple threat as h...

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    I know Jim Nelson from his prior letter at Agora and found his pick to be very good. Zachary Scheidt has added a new po...

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    I've been a subscriber of Taipan Velocity Trader for years and I can reccomend it. Zachary Scheidt must have some ...

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    Now Taipan (Zachary Scheidt) is hyping "Silver Shots". Seem the same as the platinum....

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    Dear stockgumshoe: Could you please analyse what is the "Foreclosure Slips" exacly (which is not house lien.)? Man...

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