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Those who submit reviews, guest commentary, comments or similar content choose how they will be publicly identified (name, pseudonym, URL, etc.), and their IP address is automatically logged, but their identity is not confirmed or verified and may not be known by Stock Gumshoe. Reviewers may request edits to their own reviews and anyone may request changes, edits or the deletion of their comment or other submission, but there is no guarantee that any item, once submitted, will be deleted or altered.

The opinions expressed by contributors in reviews and comments do not reflect the opinion of Stock Gumshoe or its employees, and Stock Gumshoe, Inc. can not guarantee that any statements or opinions shared by readers, contributors, commenters, reviewers or employees is accurate or truthful. There are some paid contributors to Stock Gumshoe in addition to employees, they are paid for regular posting of articles or commentary but they are not assigned topics and their articles are not edited for substance or content (they may be proofread or copy-edited for clarity).

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